Set Includes:

  • 256 Peach (PY3, PO64, PW6)
  • 355 Coral (PR242, PW6)
  • 369 Magnolia (PR19, PW6)
  • 366 Pink Peony (PR122, PW6)
  • 626 Lilac (PV19, PW6)
  • 625 Lavender (PV15, PB29, PW6)
  • 528 Royal Blue (PB29, PW6)
  • 512 Celestial Blue (PW6, PB15:3)
  • 747 Warm Green (PY151, PG7, PW6)
  • 735 Mint (PG7, PW6)
  • 255 Dunes (PY42, PBr6, PBk7, PW6)
  • 818 Marengo (PB15, PBk7, PW6)

What really drew me into this set was the beachy-hued village illustration on the box. I love the intense shadows on the side of the building and reflected off the fence.

White Nights Pastel Colors Box

At first glance, you can already tell that these pastels shades look more intense than they sound; all of them are just standard pigments mixed with PW6 — Titanium White, so they have an opaque/creamy look compared to typical transparent watercolors.

This is my first time using White Nights watercolors, so what I found cool about this brand is that they sell all their colors (except a random few) as “full pans” (2.5ml) and in tubes (10ml). I wouldn’t necessarily call them true full pans, but they definitely hold more paint than half pans.

It doesn’t seem like there’s many resources for buying these paints in North America, but there’s a couple of sellers on etsy and ebay which were great to deal with. I ended up purchasing a few other colors after my initial purchase.

I wasn’t too fond of the case when I opened it up – it’s nice for a gift, as the case makes it look like a “complete” set, but I found it’s not practical for use anywhere besides a desk, due to the construction of the underside of the case, where it’s kind of unfinished looking and hard to hold in your hand. In general, I prefer metal tins instead, and this set did not have that option for a case.